Release 1.5 is now available on the PicoLTE Network-in-a-box and on PicoLTE Cellular IoT.


Features of PicoLTE Release 1.5 – PicoLTE Network-in-a-box

1 – Additional commercial UEs supported: 

  • Quectel EC25
  • U-blox SARA-N211, SARA-R410M, Quectel BG96, Télit ME910

These supported commercial UEs are in addition to the ones already supported: Samsung S4 & S5, S6, Nexus 5, HTC One M9 and Netgear AC810

2 – Remote API using WebSocket. Python API and examples are provided

Features of PicoLTE Release 1.5 – PicoLTE Cellular IoT (CIoT)

  • LTE-M Release 14 compliant.
  • NB-IoT release 14 compliant.
  • Single-tone and multi-tone category NB1
  • All operation modes are supported: in-band, guard band and standalone.
  • Support of control plane CIoT optimization.
  • PSM and eDRX support, configuration and testing.
  • UDP Echo Test Example
  • Non-IP data delivery CIoT feature.
  • MO and MT Non-IP Data Delivery
  • MO/MT Non-IP Data Delivery Echo Test Example
  • End-to-End LWM2M /CoAP NB-IoT based reference example
  • Reference setup for conducted test case can be provided
  • Support of NB-IoT RAT and control plane CIoT optimization.
  • Attach without PDN connectivity CIoT feature.
  • Non-IP and IP PDN connectivity support
  • Contiguous and non-contiguous multiple cells NB-IoT + Cat. M1 support
  • Tools and examples for device testing