Key Features

  • Highest Channel Density in industry (64 Channels per FPGA)
  • Add algorithms in FPGA easily with Simulink
  • Open & Scalable architecture
  • Commercial Grade + all the benefits of Open Source
  • Starter kit available at discounted price
  • PET Reference Implementation and Firmware
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PET digitizer platform

Join our community of users!

The goal with the Nuclear Imaging Research Community is to work beyond the current systems limitations and develop reference designs that will turn Nutaq’s Digitizers into flexible medical imaging platforms; so that by choosing one of our open-source, community-built, FPGA Reference Design, you can enable different experiments on novel PET or SPECT concepts. To that end, the community developed 3 reference designs so far:

  • Oscilloscope mode
  • Continuous record mode
  • Real-time event processing mode

These reference designs, and others yet to be built, are openly available to education and research communities. Firmware is license-free in order to support commercialization and technology transfer to the industry. Roadmap and future development is steered by users at annual group meetings with new firmware release every 3 months.

The Community includes participants from UCLA Crump Institute, University of Washington St Louis and Sogang University just to name a few.

Highest channel density available in the industry

  • 64 channels (125 msps) per FPGA
  • Process 64 channels at the time
  • Smallest form factor in the industry
  • Lowest cost per channel

Add algorithms in FPGA easily using Simulink

  • Learn to program FPGA in no time
  • Use Simulink (model-based) or VHDL
  • Widely used Xilinx FPGA
Reference Design Customization
Nutaq Customers of Nuclear Imaging Digitizers

Open & Scalable architecture

  • Standard microTCA backplane
  • Up to 768 channels per chassis
  • System preconfigured and synchronized
  • Inter channel skew <60 ps
  • DC Coupled Single-Ended 50 ohms impedance, S Parameters, 2vpp input range, no band pass filter
  • Embedded or external computer for computation rendering and display

Commercial Grade + Open Source = No Compromise

  • Open Source Reference Design and Firmware
  • License-free firmware to support commercialization
  • Documentation: quick-start guide, tutorial, programmers guide
  • Dedicated Technical Support Team
  • Same Day Response Guaranteed

Start collecting data in no time!

  • Starter kit available at discounted price
  • Pre-configured to acquire data with Matlab
  • Affordable
  • One week lead time
Nutaq Support Engineers

Reference Implementation and Firmware

  • Oscilloscope mode, continuous record mode, real-time event processing mode
  • Timestamps for Coincidence Detection
  • Readout data in singles mode with PciExpress
  • 280 000 events per second*
  • Customizable event words
  • Leading edge discriminator with 2 nanoseconds timing resolution*
  • Support external discriminator (TDC) with 25 picoseconds timing resolution for time of flight*
  • Supports calibration with flood histogram, energy calibration and crystal calibration tables are stored and convoluted in the FPGA

*Targeted performances

Oscilloscope Mode
Continuous Record Mode
Real-Time Event Processing Mode

Oscilloscope Mode

Continuous Record Mode

Real-Time Event Processing Mode

System Components



MI 125


Model-Based Design Kit

Model-Based Design Kit

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