Now supporting Cat-M1 & NB-IoT

Key features of the Pico LTE 4×4:

  • Real-time LTE eNodeB and EPC
  • All-integrated in a single compact & portable box
  • 3GPP compliant LTE Rel.14
  • Cost effective & affordable
  • Access to over 100 PHY & MAC Layer parameters
  • Supports Commercial UEs ( tested with Samsung S4 & S5, Nexus 5, HTC One M9, u-blox C030, u-blox SARA-N211, u-blox SARA-R410M, Quectel EC25, Quectel BG96, Télit ME910)
  • Supports MIMO + the following FDD LTE bands (2,3,5 and 20). For other bands, please contact us.
  • Supports Time Division Duplex (TDD) mode. Tested on band 41, for other bands please contact us.
  • Transmit and receive in non standard bands. CBRS and LTE 5 GHz unlicensed tested, for other bands please contact us.
  • Supports Multi-Operator Core Network (MOCN) and Carrier Aggregation
  • Remote API using WebSocket. Python API and examples are provided
  • Starter kit available – Get an LTE Network up & running in < 10 minutes
  • Simulates User Equipment (UE)
  • -8 dBm maximum transmission power built-in & support for external power amplifier (external GPIOs)
  • Record & Playback LTE test vectors (OTA)
  • Onsite and online training available
  • Supports Cat-M1 & NB IoT (3GPP Rel.14)
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PicoLTE eNodeB-in-a-box & EPC

All-integrated solution including:

  • LTE eNodeB and EPC running on embedded PC
  • RF frontend supporting main LTE frequency bands
  • PHY compliant to 3GPP LTE specs
  • I/O peripherals to hook-up easily external monitor, mouse & keyboard
  • LTE UEs, antennas & SIM cards included
Pico SDR 2x2-E

Fully configurable for maximum flexibility

  • Exhaustive access to all PHY layer parameters & messaging flow
  • Real-Time LTE Signal Validation
  • Record & Playback LTE test vectors (OTA)
  • Records in Matlab & SystemVue compatible format

Examples of configurable parameters:

  • Antenna configuration (SISO / MIMO) (contact Nutaq for details)
  • Downlink Carrier Frequency (Supports all LTE frequency bands and possibility to setup custom bands). Pico LTE supported bands (2, 3, 5 and 20). For other bands, contact Nutaq sales
  • Supports the following bandwidths 1.4, 3, 5, 10, 15 and 20 MHz (contact Nutaq sales for Pico LTE supported bandwidths). It is defined in terms of Number of DL Resource Blocks
  • Cyclic Prefix : Normal or Extended
  • Transmission Mode (TM1 and TM3). Contact Nutaq for other transmission modes.
  • Time advance for external RF devices like repeaters.

For exhaustive info on the configurable parameters, contact a sales representative!

From Rel.8 to Rel.14 and beyond

Being SDR based solution provider, the time of implementing new features from 3GPP standardization bodies has never been so efficient. Having powerful hardware and software based LTE stack , we have clear roadmap to deliver the latest features and let you be on the edge of 3GPP-LTE technology.

positionning of pico lte compared to other lte test equipment

Cost-Effective and Affordable

Nutaq’s Pico LTE is the perfect alternative to generate LTE waveforms over-the-air, test LTE devices for operation within the PicoLTE supported indoor small ranges, or use as LTE eNodeB in a private network. It offers you the full flexibility and access to PHY and MAC parameters without any commercial entry barrier or requiring high budgets.

From the Lab to the field tests

Expand coverage significantly by adding external Power Amplifier (PA) and Low Noise Amplifier (LNA), allowing you to increase your cell radius.

Onsite and online training

Time is money. Request our support in getting you up to speed with the Pico LTE and your project in order to achieve your goals fast and in effective manner.

LTE NB-IoT & Cat-M1 Demo on PicoLTE

PicoLTE with GPS-Disciplined Clock

From LTE Advanced Release 14 to 5G Using Matlab’s LTE Toolbox & PicoSDR 8×8

Who trust us…

Professor Jean-Marie Gorce from CorteXlab

“Nutaq’s Pico enables CorteXlab users to prototype highly computational PHY layer such as wideband MIMO OFDM and to design cooperative transmission techniques in a multi-node real time environment with perfect interference control.”

Jean-Marie Gorce

Head of CorteXlab Project

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