Pico5G Advanced IoT Tester

A Compact, Portable, and Advanced 4G/5G IoT Device Tester

No need to be a telecom expert: With its intuitive GUI and pre-configured test cases, the Pico5G is easy to use for users of all skill levels.

Operated from an intuitive graphical interface with advanced measurement, automation, and scripting capabilities, the Pico5G Advanced IoT Tester includes a complete and fully configurable 4G and 5G network, making it the most versatile and easy-to-use testing tool for your IoT devices.

Lab testing

Production-line testing

Key Features

  • Use an intuitive GUI with pre-configured test cases and network profiles.
  • Create and playback scenarios, such as an IoT device moving between cells or countries.
  • Test 100+ devices on 4G (LTE, LTE-M, NB-IoT) and 5G networks concurrently.
  • Test end-to-end connections between your IoT devices, applications, and services over the Internet.
  • Run standardized test cases for IoT end devices, such as Total Radiated Power (TRP) and Total Radiated Sensitivity (TRS), according to the ETSI specifications, and pass these certifications on the first attempt.
  • Characterize IoT device battery life: Record IoT device power consumption profile and battery discharge profile.
  • Have early access to 3GPP features to rapidly validate features under development (3GPP release 17 currently supported).

Typical Test Cases


  • Test connectivity on home and roaming networks
  • Detect attach acknowledgement/rejection and IP address assignation
  • Test all frequency bands and transmission modes
  • Test device behavior in real-world conditions (intermittent connectivity, packet loss, network bandwidth variance, S1/X2 handover)

Power Consumption

  • Analyze power consumption granularly and in real-world conditions 
  • Apply cell RSSI variances 
  • Apply intermittent connectivity/packet loss 
  • Enable wake-up command by device and by tracking area update (TAU) parameter expiration 
  • Activate/disable PSM
  • Change eDRX cycle values

Radio Link Performance

  • Analyze throughput, latency, and packet loss in real-world conditions 
  • Control RSSI and bandwidth
  • Test all frequency bands and transmission modes 
  • Enable/disable coverage enhancement and repeating transmission 
  • Use radiated and conducted measurements


  • Measure electromagnetic interference in real-world conditions
  • Control the device transmission power 
  • Transmit real payload

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