Eliminate Stress and Uncertainty in IoT Device Development and Production

Stop relying on irreproducible live network testing. Avoid the costs and delays associated with travel and field testing. Avoid wasting time troubleshooting in the field and avoid costly recalls.

Take control: Get access to the proper network to test, troubleshoot, and optimize your IoT devices under controlled conditions. Test device behavior in real-world conditions from the comfort of your desk. Launch your new IoT devices on time, without any bugs, and with confidence.

Launch Sooner

Avoid unforeseen problems by fully testing your new IoT device in the lab.

Enjoy Testing

Set up and start testing your IoT device in minutes with Nutaq’s tele-assistance and intuitive software.

Test Fully

Achieve full test coverage with access to Nutaq’s experts and pre-configured test cases.


Automatically test each product iteration at scale and under controlled conditions.

Be Confident

You are the expert. Use the best IoT testing solution available to ensure your IoT device is ready for launch.

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