Eliminate the stress and uncertainty associated with developing new IoT devices.

Stop relying on field-testing prototypes, and avoid the burden of travel. Take control of your IoT device development and testing. Get the proper network to test, troubleshoot, and optimize your IoT device, Test device behaviour in real-world conditions from the comfort of your desk, and launch your new device on time, without bugs and with confidence with the help of the PicoLTE IoT.

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Work smart.

On Time

By testing your new IoT device with the PicoLTE, you can easily replicate issues encountered in the field and avoid unforeseen problems. You save time and complete the project earlier, which leads to shorter validation cycles and a better time-to-market.


Nutaq’s remote assistance on the first use makes the setup seamless, easy, and quick. You are up-and-running in mere minutes, and you avoid spending long, tedious hours reading user manuals to set up your new test equipment.

In Control

The multiple Nutaq IoT Success Packs guide you to achieve your goals more quickly by showing you exactly what to test and how to conduct the test. Plus, the intuitive interface and flexible software guarantee an optimal user experience with a short learning curve.


Testing each product iteration on more cell configurations and more device configurations concurrently, under controlled conditions, from where you are, leads to larger-scale evaluations and higher-quality products, which minimizes the likelihood of discovering bugs and needing to develop quick fixes once the product is released.

Peace of Mind

When you decide to buy the PicoLTE, you have peace of mind because if there are any compatibility or functionality issues with your IoT device, you can return your test equipment and Nutaq will give you a 100% refund.

IoT Testing Success Packs

Leverage decades of IoT Device testing experience. Each success pack includes dedicated step-by-step test procedures, expected results, support from one of our exports, and more resources for helping you achieve your testing goals quickly.

Connectivity Testing Success Pack

  • Test connectivity on home and roaming networks
  • Detect attach acknowledgement/rejection and IP address assignation
  • Test all frequency bands and transmission modes
  • Test device behaviour in real-world conditions (intermittent connectivity, packet loss, network bandwidth variance, S1/X2 handover)
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Power Consumption Success Pack

  • Analyze power consumption granularly and in real-world conditions 
  • Use cell RSSI/bandwidth variances 
  • Use intermittent connectivity/packet loss 
  • Use wake up command by device and by tracking area update (TAU) parameter expiration 
  • Use PSM activated/disabled 
  • Use eDRX cycle values from 2.56 to 9.22
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Radio Link Performance Success Pack

  • Analyze throughput, latency, and packet loss in real-world conditions 
  • Control RSSI and bandwidth
  • Test all frequency bands and transmission modes 
  • Enable/disable coverage enhancement and repeating transmission 
  • Use radiated and conducted measurements

EMC Testing Success Pack

  • Measure electromagnetic interference in real-wold conditions
  • Control the device transmission power 
  • Transmit real payload

Available for the following modules: SARA-R400/410/500M (u-blox), SARA-N210/211 (u-blox), EC25/BG96 (Quectel), ME910C1-E1 (Telit), nRF9160 (Nordic Semi),  ALT1160/ALT6401 (Altair), GM01Q (Sequans), with new modules being added continuously. 

Mobile IoT Testing Solutions

Nutaq PicoLTE Solutions

Traditional Test and Measurement Solutions Entry-Level “DIY” Solutions
Price1 $10,000 – $50,000 $100,000 – $250,000 $5,000 – $20,000
Access to LTE-M and NB-IoT support experts worldwide
Leasing options available
Compact and portable
Supports up to 8 cells and 100+ devices concurrently
Guaranteed to work with your IoT device2
Recognized by IoT module manufacturers3
Remote assistance during first use which sets up in minutes
  1. Price range includes rental and purchase options.
  2. Get fully refunded if PicoLTE does not work with your IoT device within the first 6 weeks.
  3. Rado Sustersic, Product Manager Cellular at u-blox.

Our Customers

Customer Testimony

Rado Sustersic, Product Manager Cellular at u-blox Nutaq’s PicoLTE network-in-a-box is a great addition to the NB-IoT version of our C030 application board, the C030-N211, because it allows IoT developers to test and validate applications in regions of the world where NB-IoT is not yet available, or to conduct pre-testing on a private network. Rado Sustersic, Product Manager Cellular at u-blox Read more Will Barker, Software Consultant at FarSite Communications Ltd. We needed a solution which gave us a local, simulated network, under our control, that we could rely on to present a cellular interface that was representative of network types as available, not only here in the UK, but worldwide.
The PicoLTE was recommended to us to meet these requirements and it delivered 100%, enabling us to have a high degree of confidence in our device’s behaviour and to deliver well-proven and solid device support for the target protocols.
Will Barker, Software Consultant at FarSite Communications Ltd. Read more

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