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Release Note – PicoLTE 1.5 – New Features for Cellular IoT and Network-in-a-box

IoT Test Setups Where Multiple Devices Interact with Multiple Cells

Nutaq Expands Footprint in China and Receives 140K order for 5G

Nutaq and BeWhere Join Forces to Present an IoT Demo at Mobile World Congress 2018

Video: Demo of a Live OFDM Transmission using SDR over mmW at 28 GHz

Video: Massive MIMO Uplink Demo

Video: Demo of NB-IoT & Cat-M1 on the Nutaq PicoLTE

Nutaq and u-blox Collaborate on NB-IoT Demo for MWC Americas

Nutaq Receives a Second Order from NASA for its SDRs

Nutaq to Host a Symposium on 5G Research

Understanding the Relay Node Concept in LTE

LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation : Definition, Advantages and CA Scenarios

Nutaq to Supply SDR to US Navy Air Systems Command (NAVAIR)

Video: Demo of 4 UEs to 16 Antennas Uplink on Nutaq’s Massive MIMO Testbed

Nutaq Selected by NASA to Supply Software-Designed Radio (SDR)

Nutaq Announces Joint Collaboration for a 5G Base Station with Viettel

Reciprocity Calibration for Massive MIMO – Part III

Configuring the Radio640 Reference Clock

LTE-based IoT – Demo at Embedded World Conference 2017

Reciprocity Calibration for Massive MIMO – Part II

Video: PicoLTE, LTE Network-in-a-box Part III – Launching eNodeB & MME, UE Speed Tests,…

Nutaq Successfully Files 5G International Process Patent Application

Xilinx System Generator Implementation of Physical Layer Security on Nutaq SDR

Reciprocity Calibration for Massive MIMO – Part I

PicoLTE, LTE Network-in-a-box Part II – eNB & MME Configuration Files

Video: Introduction to PicoLTE, a LTE Network-in-a-box

Integrating Custom IP Cores in Nutaq Design Flow: Part 1

Video: PicoLTE with GPS-Disciplined Clock

Video: From LTE Advanced Release 13 to 5G Using Matlab’s LTE Toolbox & PicoSDR 8×8

Spectrum Analysis using MATLAB and GNU Radio

Video: Calibration Demo

An Overview of MATLAB Coder and Xilinx System Generator

PicoLTE: Pave the Road to Full Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)

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Release Note: PicoLTE 1.5

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Article: PicoLTE – Pave The Road to Full Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)

Video: Reducing the Cost and Complexity of Massive MIMO Systems Through Quasi-Massive Effect (Presentation at IEEE ICC 2015)

White paper: A 100×100 Massive MIMO Testbed Based on xTCA Standards

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