This paper describes the transfer of Non-IP data using NB-IoT devices as part of Cellular Internet of Things (CIoT) optimizations. CIoT proposes a set of optimizations and features to reduce power consumption and extend the coverage range. One of those features is the Non-IP Data Delivery (NIDD). To manage NIDD and interface with remote applications servers, different solutions are proposed such as SCEF or Point-to-Point tunneling. In both cases, Non-IP data requires Data transfer over the signaling interface (over NAS).

  • The EPC can handle:
  • Non-IP PDN connection establishment
  • MO Non-IP data
  • MT Non-IP data
  • Non-IP Events

The EPC provides an API that can be used by an external service to register to Non-IP events and forward Non-IP Data both on the Uplink and Downlink side between the remote application server and the EPC. The EPC handles Non-IP traffic to and from the NB-IoT devices.

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