Demonstration of Live OFDM Transmission using SDR over mmW at 28GHz

Video Transcript

Hi everyone, this is Ahmed Kebe, Field Application Engineer at Nutaq. Today I’m gonna present you our OFDM reference design with millimeter wave (mmW) running at 28GHz.


Here we have our PicoSDR running our OFDM reference design which is a physical layer of OFDM. Inside we have a transceiver and a receiver running at the same time with up to date algorithms such as QAM, MIMO technology, automatic gain calibration, carrier frequency offset and channel estimation and compensation as well. We also do commutative channelization.


So right now we are seeing a video transmitted in real-time by our PicoSDR to a up converter which will shift the signal from 1 GHz IF to 28 GHz. And the signal is transmitted over this blue cable here to the down converter which will convert back the frequency from 28 GHz to 1 GHz. And the signal is streamed back to the PicoSDR. And here we are proving that our PicoSDR is running perfectly with an up and down converter without any harmonic images rejections and also we have implemented nothing inside our PicoSDR, we just plug and play the down converter and the up converter and it works just like magic. So we have a proof of conception here that our PicoSDR/PicoLTE can also work in the bank KA, which is the band up to 40 GHz and without any modification of our platform.


So thank you, it was Ahmed Kebe, Field Application Engineer at Nutaq.


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