On September 26-28, 2017 will be presented the first edition of the Nutaq Symposium on 5G Massive MIMO Research in Quebec City, Canada. This event is on-invitation only for this year, but we still have some tickets available. Simply fill the form at the bottom of this page to apply for one.

Symposium Agenda


The Detailed Program of the 2017 5G Symposium on Massive MIMO Research is available here.



There are five main sessions featured at this year’s Symposium.

In this session, current state of research on Massive MIMO, and an evaluation of probable developments within the next year will be discussed. Nutaq will present its latest achievements and road map for the next year. Participants will also present their group’s research projects, focusing on past, ongoing, and future research on 5G Massive MIMO.

In this session, industry trends in radio access network development will be will be discussed, focusing on challenges that yet have to be solved by the R&D community. Industry players like Xilinx, Analog Device will introduce their latest tools and new technology. Participants will be asked to make recommendations pertaining to Nutaq’s new technology adoption road map.

Funding programs to all levels of government, nonprofit organizations, for-profit businesses, and other eligible entities will be the subject of this session, with a focus on funding programs for universities and research. Participants will discuss the different funding programs they have leveraged in the past or that they are planning to leverage in the future. An emphasis will be put on funding programs that can be used for collaboration between two or more universities, or with an industry partner.

This session focuses on joint identification of research areas for mutual interest. Participants will discuss collaboration opportunities between universities as well as collaboration opportunities with Nutaq as an industrial partner. More specifically, joint research, joint publications, student exchange programs, internship opportunities, and joint tested opportunities will be discussed. A flagship Mobile Network Operator will join the discussion to emphasis on challenges from an operator’s point of view and discuss opportunities to demonstrate the research outcomes in a real environment.

In this session, Nutaq will follow a practical approach to introduce its Massive MIMO platform. Specific use cases will be presented and demonstrated on the platform in such a way that they can be replicated by the participants after. Participants who have access to a Massive MIMO testbed within their respective organizations will also be presenting their work and performing live demonstrations.

How to get an invitation to the 5G Massive MIMO Research Symposium

There are no more tickets available for the 2017 edition.