For Nutaq FPGA-based embedded real-time DSP systems

Nutaq’s software development tools are a comprehensive suite that includes:

  • IP cores
  • Frameworks
  • APIs
  • Easy-to-use GUIs
  • Application examples

that significantly reduce the time customers spend on low value-added tasks such as programming interfaces, adjusting FPGA constraints, debugging Host drivers, etc.

Nutaq’s development framework also features seamsless integration to model-based design tools (such as Simulink and GNU Radio), combining a graphical development environment and automatic code generation. These tools greatly accelerate the development of applications, shorten the development cycle and reduce project costs.

Nutaq’s software tools are designed to enable and facilitate migrating from our standard products to a modified, customized or even miniaturized versions of them (For Nutaq customized hardware services, please click here). Built for embedded applications, Nutaq provides complete support for Linux and Windows environments on x86 processor architecture.

Combined with Nutaq FPGA-based standard systems, Nutaq development software tools provides a complete Turnkey System for developing and deploying next generations embedded real-time computing and algorithms acceleration (HPC) systems, mainly targeted for the following applications:

  • SDR
  • Multichannel DAQ
  • Medical Imaging (PET scanners, Ultrasounds)
  • Physics (Linear accelerator, synchrotrons)

Depending on Nutaq systems and options, software development tools are provided with three differents levels of integration, as the following:

FPGA Development:
BSP-BSDK-MBDK Model-Based Design Kit (Optional)


HOST Development:
Model-Based Design Kit (Optional) [MBDK]

GNU Radio

Board Software Development Kit [BSDK]

Nutaq also provides BSP FMC reference designs for customers who are using Nutaq FMC modules on third party FMC carrier card(s), please see available reference designs here.


Nutaq MicroTCA systems

Nutaq provides a vast array of software development tools that enables end-user to target Nutaq hardware very efficiently. The following are few to mentioned features included with the tools:

  • Complete Nutaq FPGA framework, including embedded Linux MicroBlaze Ethernet/PCIe server
  • Real-time PCIe data exchanges between a host device CPU (Linux only) and GigE data streaming tools (Linux or Windows)
  • Multichannel recording and playback tools (DAQ applications)
  • Local (embedded AMC processor blade) and remote access
  • Real-time and hardware-in-the-loop co-simulation with the FPGA (optional)
  • Seamless integration to the MATLAB/Simulink model-based design flow (optional)
  • Stand-alone operation configuration, running directly from the flash/HDD memory
  • Graphical control applications