Nutaq does not support the build of custom C programs for the MicroBlaze in MBDK generated bitstreams. However, the following can help you setup your XSDK project.
– The MBDK model cannot use any BSDK or MBDK functionality. Make sure no RTDEx or Record/Playback blocks is present in the model.
– Compile the MBDK model (for the purpose of this example, the target directory is …/work/test_sdk in System Generator).
– Once the compilation is successful, open the generated .xmp file at this location: …worktest_sdkperseus601x_sysgenperseus601x_sysgen.xmp.
This will generate the system.xml temporary file: …worktest_sdkperseus601x_sysgen__xpssystem.xml
– Copy it somewhere else since it is in a temporary folder.
– Open XSDK and create a new workspace.
– In XSDK, create a new Hardware Platform Specification, select the system.xml file, and select the bitstream and BMM files found in
– After the Hardware Platform Specification is created, this becomes like any other XSDK project.