WARNING: EDK:1687 – Invalid path specified for ModuleSearchPath in XMP file. Please make sure that the directory specified exists.
ERROR: EDK: 4110 – IPNAME: lyt_axi_emac_rtdex, INSTANCE: axi_emac_rtdex – cannot find MPD for the pcore “lyt_axi_emac_rtdex_v1_00_a” in any of the repositories –
C:testexamples_perseus6010perseus6010_radio420x_rtdex_record_playbackedkperseus6010_radio420x_record_playback.mhs line 493.
WARNING: EDK:4264 – elf file specified with tag ElfImp: C:testfpgabinperseus601x_default_linux.elf not found INFO:EDK – Resetting ElfImp tag in the project file…
WARNING: EDK:3362 – Cannot open project due to errors.

The XPS projects use relative paths to find the required files. If the project file was moved to a different folder, in or out of the ADP installation hierarchy, the project will not find the files and will not be able to open them.