The DM6446 JTAG interface on the SFF SDR development platform or evaluation module is a 1.8-V, 14-pin connector. Nutaq recommends using one of the following JTAG emulators to interface with the DSP core of the DM6446:
+ Spectrum Digital XDS510 USB JTAG emulator. This emulator is 3.3-V and 5-V compatible. It requires using a voltage shifter to be 1.8-V compatible.
+ Spectrum Digital XDS510 USB PLUS JTAG emulator with 14-pin target adapter cable.
+ Spectrum Digital XDS510PP PLUS JTAG scan path emulator pod.
+ Spectrum Digital XDS560R USB JTAG emulator with 14-pin JTAG header.
Other JTAG emulators compatible with the DM6446 DM SoC core should also function adequately.