I tried to program the bitstream application into the flash of the Perseus. However, the system does not boot anymore and shows following the error message.

The Uboot and Linux kernel has been corrupted or erased. Please proceed as follows.
+ Get a copy of the u-boot.elf file and put it in the ‘c:’ folder.
+ Connect the JTAG programmer to the Perseus.
+ Connect to the Perseus serial port using Putty.
+ Open Xilinx Platform Studio.
+ In the menu go to Debug> Launch XMD.
+ When XMD is open enter the following commands:
"connect mb mdm"
"dow c:/u-boot.elf"
The Perseus should reboot and start properly. Perform the "Programming the Linux firmware in the flash memory" procedure (in Perseus User’s guide refer to the section on programming the Linux firmware in the flash memory) with the ‘u-boot-s.bin’ and ‘u-boot.elf’ files located in your ‘ADPROOTfpgabin’ folder.
Do not forget to replace ‘ADPROOT’ by the path where you installed the ADP software.