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  • FPGA development (BSDK, MBDK)
  • Host development & drivers (BSDK Gige, MBDK Host Co-Simulation)

Xilinx System Generator Known issue:

It is highly recommended to configure System Generator with administrator privileges (Start -> All Programs -> “Xilinx ISE Design Suite” ->  System Generator -> open System Generator as administrator using the right click) .

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This version of the BAS Software Tools provides support for the following systems:

  • PicoSDR
  • PicoDigitizer

and the following FMC modules:

  • Radio420x (BSDK/MBDK)
  • MI125 and MI125WB  (BSDK/MBDK)
  • MO1000 (BSDK/MBDK)

Support of the following versions of the Third Party tools:

FPGA Development (Windows 7 64-bit)
BSDK users:
ISE Design Suite [System Edition] 14.7
MBDK users:
Matlab R2013B
ISE Design Suite [System Edition] 14.7
System Generator for DSP 14.7

Host Development (Windows 7 64-bit)
BSDK users:
Visual Studio 2012
MBDK users:
Matlab R2013B

Host Development (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit)
BSDK users:
GNU Radio users:

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