titanmimo-spawarTypical large-scale radio or RF EW device field evaluation cost millions of dollars.Perform the same evaluation with the same RF equipment, repeatedly, accurately, in the lab, and for 10% of the cost! Comparison of in-lab and real-world test results shows identical behaviour (1).


  • Full mesh topology, 64 all-to-all connectivity
  • 12,000 independent propagation paths emulated & updated in real-time
  • Connects actual radios and jammers (RF EW devices)
  • Run simulations to emulate radio motion in urban or rural environments
  • Already used to test WNW and SRW radios
  • Emulates real world radio channels measured and standardized by ITU, 3GPP or CTIAtypical-test-topologies
  • Supports Multi-path propagation, slow and fast frequency fading, time-varying taps (motion), true doppler-effect (frequency contraction and expansion), shadowing, antenna effects etc…
  • Ready-made test scenario pack available for tactical radio and MANET testing FPGA-based with Nutaq’s TITAN-MIMO-4, compatible with current simulation tools: STK, Remcom Wireless In-Site, NRL Builder, Matlab, etc…
  • Road map: scaling the system to connect over 1000 wireless devices with Nutaq’s new TITAN-MIMO-6 (2)


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(1)Buscemi, S.; Boyd, S., “A Comparative Analysis of Lab-Based Network Emulation with Field Results for Large-Scale MANETs,” in Military Communications Conference (MILCOM), 2014 IEEE , vol., no., pp.1305-1310, 6-8 Oct. 2014
(2)S. Buscemi, W. Kritikos, and R. Sass, “A range and scaling study of an fpga-based digital wireless channel emulator,” in Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines (FCCM), 2013 IEEE 21st Annual Inter-national Symposium on, April 2013, pp. 137–144.