Board Support Package (BSP)


The Nutaq Board Support Package (BSP) is a complete reference design that includes IP cores, VHDL IO interfaces and stand-alone APIs which enables customer to develop their applications on Nutaq hardware (or supported Third Party FMC Carrier, see the list here) and significantly reduce the time spent on low value-added tasks, such as assigning FPGA IO pins and configure device registers.

The Board Support Package allows the user to control FMC IOs and its peripherals locally (stand-alone). It contains libraries of functions built for these tasks. These libraries are built for the Xilinx MicroBlaze soft-processor (or embedded ARM processors such as with the Xilinx’s Zinq device). Using the Xilinx SDK software, the user is able to build custom applications.

Nutaq also provides enhanced FPGA framework allowing remote Host connection and more advanced features for Nutaq own FPGA carrier boards, please take a look at the BSDK section.