Customizable Full Turnkey Antenna Matrix for TitanMIMO-6 Series

(Users of Nutaq’s TitanMIMO-6 may optionally purchase the antenna matrix directly from Nutaq.)

The modular Nutaq PCB antennas allow the support of multiple array shapes, including curved and cylindrical topologies.  Supporting 4 antennas per module (2 PCB antenna modules per RRH), an N channels configuration is possible by stacking them with full calibration capabilities included in the designs.

The antennas are customizable for any specific frequency band and for TDD/FDD schemes, contact for more information.

COTS TDD-Only 2.4/6 GHz WiFi PCB antenna

Based on Taoglas ceramic antennas, the PCB substrate provide adequate antenna spacing to support 2.4-6GHz WiFi operation and includes capacitive RF ports at each PCB side to adjacent modules to facilitate advanced calibration techniques.

Stacked on a polycarbonate array support (flat topology option shown below), the capacitive link between modules allows RF communication path between transceiver antenna elements for calibration purposes.

Cylindrical Possible Topology

Embedded Calibration Design

RX calibration:

A single transmitter can send a reference sequence to all receivers to derive right parameters for appropriate RX calibration

TX calibration:

All transmitters can send orthogonal sequence which will be added to a common receiver. Channel separation can be performed through orthogonal computation and derive parameters for appropriate TX calibration.