Kermode-XV6 Functional Block Diagram
Kermode-XV6 Functional Block Diagram

The aggregation of all 100×100 channels to a common central processing unit is a must for the initial computational steps of Massive MIMO algorithms. Implementing a 5G Massive MIMO waveform an a set of 100x wideband channels without actual knowledge of the total FPGA resources needed can add significant risk to a fixed unique FPGA centric based design.

To give developers a future growth path beyond a single master processing element, such as the Perseus 6113 within the TitanMIMO-4S, Nutaq has developed the TitanMIMO-4D.

The TitanMIMO-4D is a distributed processing version where the single FPGA processing within the Perseus 6113 is replaced by a powerful FPGA farm, housed on the Kermode-XV6. This is the most powerful AdvancedTCA computing blade ever built, and has been specifically designed to tackle the most demanding signal processing applications that exist.

The Kermode XV6 is comprised of eight Xilinx Virtex-6 SX475T FPGAs, delivering an outstanding 8.8 TeraMACs solely from their DSP48E1 dedicated multiply-accumulate engines. Each FPGA interfaces with two DDR-3 SDRAM SODIMM modules, capable of supporting up to 4 GBytes, for an aggregate memory capacity of 64 GBytes.

The Kermode supports a mesh ATCA backplane zone 2 and zone 3. The advanced mesh topology enables a unique very large virtual FPGA targeting.