TitanMIMO-4 100x100 Testbed
TitanMIMO-4S 100×100 Block Diagram

The TitanMIMO-4 5G Massive MIMO testbed gives developers the unlimited, real-time throughput they need to bring the entire Massive MIMO channel aggregate into a common processing engine…enabling true 5G Massive MIMO development today.

The system is constituted of many subsystems, each handling a specific function. A state-of-the-art radio front end with two receives channels and two transmit channels, the Radio420M, handles the heterodyning of the RF signal. Two Radio420M radio front-ends are then connected to an AMC board, the Perseus 611X, that carries a Virtex-6 FPGA and 4GB of RAM memory.

Each Perseus carries 4 TX and 4 RX channels. The Perseus AMC is connected to a MicroTCA.4 chassis equipped with a rear transition module (RTM), providing the necessary interfaces to allow the required high-rate data throughput between the Perseus carrying the RF modules and the rest of the system at up to 7x Aurora links, each having a maximum rate of 16 Gbps.

Seven miniSAS connectors are available on each RTM to access each of the Aurora interface. All these interfaces are aggregated by a master Perseus equipped with a larger FPGA that handles the heavy baseband processing. A quad-core i7 PC is available to control the whole system and access each Perseus card from a high speed PCIe bus handles low latency communication throughout the system.