Radio 420XAuto-calibrated MIMO FMC Radio

The RF front end function of the TitanMIMO-4 is supplied by the Radio 420M. It is a powerful multi-mode software defined radio (SDR) transceiver with two channels (2 Tx and 2 Rx).

The Radio 420M is built around the multi-standard, multi-band Lime Microsystems LMS6002D RF transceiver IC, which supports broadband coverage as well as FDD and TDD full duplex modes of operation. The front-end converts bandpass to baseband  with no intermediate frequency (IF). I and Q samples are sent to the FPGA on the Perseus 611X for baseband processing or can be transferred to another device. The Radio 420 is ready-to-use and supplies maximum performance due to its included auto-calibration features (IQ imbalance, DC offset and LO-leakage).

Key features

  • Software adjustable amplifiers for wide dynamic range (up to 80dB).
  • 300 MHz – 3800 MHz frequency range (software tunable).
  • 1.5 MHz to 28 MHz selectable bandwidth (software-selectable).
  • 14 selectable bandpass filters against interference (with full bypass option).
  • Auto-calibration (LO-leakage, DC offset, IQ imbalance).
  • Software defined amplifiers (see diagram). 

Below is a functional diagram of the radio interface.

Radio420S FMC Block Diagram

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