University of Sherbrooke
Prototyping of large antenna array processing algorithms for wireless communications on an FPGA-based development platform – Professor Sébastien Roy

The collaboration with Professor Roy and his team will provide wireless developers wishing to exploit the “massive effect” with a reference design comprised of baseband array processing algorithms which can easily scale with the large number of channels required for Massive MIMO applications.

As a result, researchers will be able to accelerate the achievement of the 5G goal of a higher capacity, energy efficient wireless networks by using Nutaq’s TitanMIMO testbed to design, test, and improve their Massive MIMO algorithms.

Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Techniques for Next-Generation Wireless Networks – Professor Long Le


Development and integration of accurate, low-cost and robust doppler spread estimation solutions for smart and versatile operation of LTE-advanced HetNet – Professor Sofiène Affes