Massive MIMO Communication Topology - Single FPGA Central Processing Engine Configuration
Data Communication Topology

Within the TitanMIMO-4, the Perseus 6111 are organized in subgroups. Each subgroup consists of 3 to 4 Perseus 6111, while each MTCA chassis contains up to 3 subgroups.

Every Perseus 6111 is connected to a subgroup master Perseus 6111, and each subgroup master is connected to the system master (the Perseus 6113 for the case of the TitanMIMO-4S) as in the diagram below. All connexions are made using miniSAS connectors behind the system using a Rear Transition Module (RTM), and can be easily connected in a different configuration at any time via manual cable connections. Each link provides data rates of 16 Gbps.

Each RTM of the system has 7 miniSAS enabled connectors. All of the Perseus 6111 within the subgroup, except the subgroup master Perseus 6111, has 6 available miniSAS connectors that allow for connection to the other members of the subgroup in a mesh architecture. This allows upstream/downstream distributed processing to be done within the subgroup.