Massive MIMO 5G Migration Strategy
 TitanMIMO Series Configurations


Modular RF to Support 5G Research

Using a replaceable VITA 57 FMC radio module, the TitanMIMO-4 series is equipped with Radio420M software defined tunable radios (eg. WiFi & LTE) which are replaceable to support the bandwidth and RF tuning ranges required for 5G and millimeter waves.

Scalable, Mesh-Enabled Baseband Processing

With a central baseband processing engine that can scale from a single, powerful Virtex-6 (Perseus 6113) up to clusters of 8 or more (Kermode-XV6), the TitanMIMO-4 testbed series presents developers with the processing power needed to enable scalable algorithm development without the risk of hardware limitations.

TitanMIMO Series Model Comparison Chart

Model RF Synchronization Tuning Range (GHz) Over-The-Air Bandwidth (MHz) Central Baseband Processing Availability
TitanMIMO-4S Phase Locked 0.3 – 3.8 28 Single FPGA Now
TitanMIMO-4D Phase Locked 0.3 – 3.8 28 Distributed Cluster FPGA Now
TitanMIMO-6S Phase Aligned 0.07 – 6 33 Single FPGA Contact Sales
TitanMIMO-6D Phase Aligned 0.07 – 6 56 Distributed Cluster FPGA Contact Sales
TitanMIMO-90D Phase Aligned 30 – 90 > 100 Single FPGA Contact Sales
TitanMIMO-XD User Defined User Defined 250 Distributed Cluster FPGA Now


TitanMIMO Series System Throughputs 

Real-Time, Over-The-Air Bandwidth (MHz)

Throughput Per RF Channel (Gbps) 100×100 System Throughput (Gbps) Proposed system System Throughput (Gbps)
28 0.74 74 TitanMIMO-4S 112
28 0.74 74 TitanMIMO-4D 256
56 1.48 148 TitanMIMO-6D 256
100 2.64 264 TitanMIMO-90D   512 1

Note1: Requires 2x Kermode for central processing unit.