Omni-directional Broadband Antenna OmniLOG® 30800

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(Users of Nutaq’s PicoSDR may optionally purchase the Aaronia OmniLOG 30800 antenna directly from Nutaq.)

The Aaronia OmniLOG 30800 antenna allows a direct field strength reading useful for measurements of exposure limits. Measuring 173mm x 63mm x 9mm (LxWxH) and weighing 54g, the antenna covers a wide frequency range of 300MHz to 8GHz. With it´s very compact size it reaches a very high gain of up to -3dBi.

The frequency range covers the complete 2G/3G/4G cellular, 2,4GHz / 5GHz Wi-Fi, ISM 434, ISM 868 etc. and GPS / GNSS bands within its range.

Features also include linear polarisation, impedance of 50 Ohms, operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, and SMA (male) RF connection. The antenna offers a heavy-duty 90-degree knuckle base with the SMA connector. The knuckle base is freely adjustable into each position and fixed by two special ball pressure screws.

  • Wide frequency range 300MHz to 8GHz
  • Perfectly usable with Spectrum Analyzers for omnidirectional measurements
  • SMA-connector with heavy-duty 90° knuckle base
  • Very compact design, lightweight
  • 10 years warranty