PicoDigitizer-MI250 Series

The PicoDigitizer MI250-Series is a high channel density, phase coherent, FPGA-based table top DAQ solution. It incorporates up to 16 channels on a Virtex-6 FPGA, sampling at 250 MSPS, and offers an embedded version which includes an Intel Quad-Core i7 processor for standalone applications.

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8 Channel PicoDigitizer-MI250

8 Channel PicoDigitizer-MI250 (Embedded)

16 Channel PicoDigitizer-MI250

Number of Channels 8 8 16
Maximum Sampling Frequency 250 MSPS 250 MSPS 250 MSPS
Resolution 14 bits 14 bits 14 bits
FPGA 1xVirtex-6 1xVirtex-6 2xVirtex-6
Remote Host Interface 1xGigE, 1xPCle-4x 1xGigE

2xPCle-4x (Between Virtex-6 & Embedded Quad-Core i7)


1xPCle-4x (Between Virtex-6 & Embedded Quad-Core i7) and 1xPCle-4x (External)

1xGigE, 1xPCle-4x
Embedded CPU None Intel Quad-Core i7 2715QE


Embedded Storage N.A. 1×200 GB SATA Internal (Optional) N.A.

* Virtex-6 options available: LX240T, LX550T, SX315T or SX475T

** 1x eSATA connection rear PicoDigitizer panel, 1x SATA for internal 1.8” SSD drive.