PicoDigitizer 250-Series

The PicoDigitizer 250-Series is a high speed ADC-DAC processor solution which combines the power of a large FPGA with high sampling speeds, while accelerating the development cycle by eliminating the need for HDL hand-coding.

At the core of each processor node (one or two nodes per system are available) is a Virtex-6 FPGA, which interfaces with a dual channel 250 MSPS A/D and dual channel 1 GSPS D/A.

model-based development environment allows for rapid deployment and testing of algorithms without hand-coding of the FPGA.

To maximize the power and flexibility of this small table top solution, the PicoDigitizer 250-Series is available in a dual channel, dual channel embedded, or quad channel configuration.

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Shortened development time with fewer hardware cycles

model-based design environment (MATLAB Simulink & Xilinx System Generator) means rapid transitions from algorithm design to hardware-in-the-loop testing. The net result is a development cycle that can be reduced by weeks or months.

Add to this the ability to automatically generate HDL code from the development environment and you have another significant source of reducing the time taken to develop your applications.

no low-level FPGA coding required

High speed, large FPGA, easily programmable

Target wideband applications by receiving two or four channels at 250 MSPS, while transmitting two or four channels at 1 GSPS.

Process the data stream in real-time with the power and flexibility of a large Virtex-6 FPGA, without experiencing development delays due to HDL hand-coding.

Includes Recording & Playback IP core

Data exchange with the embedded or external CPU is enabled via either a GigE or PCIe interface, while data can be recorded or played back using Nutaq’s multichannel Record & Playback IP core.

Built for intensive processing requirements…with optional FPGA-CPU mixed architecture

The large onboard Virtex-6 FPGA of the PicoDigitizer 250-Series can be used for demanding processing requirements such as:

  • SDR
  • Wireless spectrum analysis
  • Cognitive radio
  • Small cells

For those looking to balance power, speed, and performance, a Quad Core i7 can be embedded into the PicoDigitizer 250-Series.

Begin your “value add” development right away

The PicoDigitizer 250-Series ships with a software suite that contains all of the necessary IP cores, IO interfaces, and stand alone APIs need to enable immediate development of applications on the hardware.

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