Nutaq offers a broad range of DSP/FPGA-based processing systems. Our systems are aimed at engineers, researchers, project managers and others looking to develop or deploy:

  • Test and validation systems
  • Waveforms SDR systems
  • Multichannel DAQ systems
  • Embedded systems

Our products

If you are looking for the products mentioned below, please note that they have been replaced by others and / or are no longer offered by Nutaq, at least not on their own, but can be a component of another product. Please contact us, it will be our pleasure to suggest you a product that suits your requirements and will be able to assist you in the achievement of your specific goals.

  • 2x10GE SFP+
  • ADACSync
  • ADC5000
  • LVDS xIn xOut
  • Mestor Family
  • MI125
  • MI250
  • MO1000
  • Perseus 601X
  • Perseus 611X
  • Radio420X
  • RTM 611-x
  • uSDR420