It’s been an exciting and busy year here at Nutaq. We’ve written and produced over two hundred blog articles and videos covering a wide range of topics related to signal processing, from general industry trends to detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use your hardware and software better.  We hope you’ve found them interesting, educational, and above all, useful.

At Nutaq we’re passionate about developing technology that helps realize the potential of your ideas. We understand the issues today’s developers face: cost-reduction, technological hurdles, and ever-shorter development cycles. Our products address these issues head-on, providing cost-effective and flexible hardware platforms, model-based rapid-development environments, open-source software support, and fully tested and optimized reference designs. 

To wrap up 2013, we’d like to revisit some of this year’s blog highlights.  Each day, we'll post a collection of articles and videos on a different subject. You'll see how the different posts fit together as well as catch up on any that you may have missed during the year.

What’s Next for 2014?

Technology innovation isn’t stopping in 2014 and neither are we! We'll continue to post new articles and videos each week that help to accelerate the design, testing, and deployment of your ideas.