Design Services

At Nutaq, the innovation is at the heart of our strategy. We differentiate ourselves by offering our customers an integrated product development approach. Our staff of experienced product development specialists and engineers is there to help you jump the technological hurdles of boosting or adding capabilities of existing products, or they can put a new spin on your engineering problems, leading to innovative solutions.

Nutaq offers a wide range of services to assist our customer with new product introduction (NPI). From custom design and verification testing through agency certification, Nutaq has the experience to function as an extension of your companies design and compliance engineering team.

Our teams are all headed by seasoned project managers capable of leadership, flexibility and imagination. For over the 25 years of experience, Nutaq has assembled vast amounts of expertise across multiple fields, placing our product development teams in an excellent position to complement your own.

Whether you need specialized, short-term critical resources or full end-to-end turnkey services, our involvement in product development projects can span days, months, even years, and can involve any combination or all the following:

  • PCB Design
  • Embedded Software
  • DSP Software
  • FPGA Design
  • RF Design
  • Waveform development
  • ATCA/FMC/AMC design and customization
  • NPI Process
  • Multi-channel (ADC/DAC)
  • Mechanical Design
  • Opto-electronic/Opto-mechanical Design

You can also look to us for manufacturing support, as our privileged relationships with manufacturing partners and our use of such design for excellence (DFX) methods as design for manufacturability (DFM) and design for testability (DFT) in our development cycles make it easier to move our designs to production.

Nutaq also has the ability and expertise to convert or adapt its solutions to suit your needs. From additional features to complete redesign, Nutaq experts will work with and for you to design and develop your custom architecture.

Please find below recent product adaptation that we did for different customers:

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  • Public Safety Radio testing system customer;
    • Conversion of Perseus single-width AMC to double width for the addition of a second FMC site and high-speed lanes to a rear-transition module.
    •  Extending the tuning range of our FMC RADIO 420x from 300MHz-3GHz to 20MHz-3GHz
  • Lowering cost per channel and improving performance for MIMO Radar;
    •  Building a multi-channel ADC module from 16 to 32 switching from private connectivity to open connectivity standard.
  • Migration of our GSM reference design to a fully-certified picocell product;
    •  Design and develop commercial wireless small cell from existing development platform architecture including PHY layer.

Find more by asking our experts how we can leverage from existing solutions to meet your requirements