Nutaq's MI125

"We choose Nutaq for our application because it is the only one that offers a compact ADC design compatible with FMC technology.”

Angel Cucho Huaman – SIMA

Servicios Industriales de la Marina (SIMA) is a large Peruvian company with a long and fruitful history. Internationally recognized, SIMA is actively involved in marine and metalworking industries. SIMA offers its customers products and services of the highest quality, backed by the highest certifications. SIMA extends its activities to the fields of weapons and electronics design and operates a microelectronics design center with experience in sonars, radars, automated control systems, and radio systems.

SIMA selected Nutaq's MI125, a 32 channel, 14 bit, 125 MSPS A/D FPGA mezzanine card (FMC), for use in calculating the direction of arrival of radar emissions as part of a circular antenna array system. The system uses 18 analog-digital converters (ADCs) to process signals from six antennas in order to calculate the direction of electromagnetic emissions. This assembly will be installed in the upper part of a structure.

Why SIMA Chose Nutaq's MI125

For SIMA, the advantages of Nutaq's MI125, with its high channel density and low cost, were clear. "We choose Nutaq for our application because it is the only one that offers a compact ADC design compatible with FMC technology,” states SIMA's Angel Cucho Huaman.

The MI125 follows the FPGA mezzanine card (FMC) specification and is VITA 57.1 compliant, making it compatible with FPGA development boards like the Xilinx VC707 or ZC702. Its support for 32 A/D channels means that SIMA can use just two cards in their design (the VC707 and MI125), instead of multiple cards. This reduces the size and weight of the final assembly, making it easy to place it near the antennas.

The MI125's high channel density also simplifies integration as having the digitized signals on a single card reduces the complexity of data exchange over high-speed interfaces. The processed data can be packed more easily and sent to a computer for subsequent processing.

Another deciding factor was Nutaq’s high degree of customer support, to ensure they use the MI125 to its fullest potential. Nutaq offers its customers a wide range of support options and resources – complete reference designs and examples, hands-on assistance, documentation and demonstration videos, information about the latest industry trends and events – whatever is necessary to support your projects and accelerate the design, testing and deployment of innovative ideas.