• Model-based design leads to easy portability of algorithms developed on a previous generation Low Level RF (LLRF) system
  • Increased safety through ultra-low latency power amplifier shutdown in case of failure detection
  • 40% system cost reduction realized through hardware optimization

Quebec, QC, Canada, NOV 13, 2014 — Nutaq Innovation Inc. is proud to announce that it received a purchase order of $265,000 from MAXlab National Research Laboratory for Nuclear Physics and Synchrotron Radiation Research to deliver MicroDigitizers for digital Low Level RF (LLRF) as part of their MAX IV Synchrotron Accelerator.

This order is a continuation of the Nutaq and MAXlab relationship. Nutaq’s digitizer product line, first sold as a development system for the continuous improvement of LLRF systems in MAX I to III facilities, has recently been selected to be used as a key component of the MAX IV storage rings, which will be inaugurated June 21st 2016. The MicroDigitizer platforms will be used to control the RF voltage of the accelerating cavities of the future MAX IV synchrotron light source, and monitor other RF signals of the amplifiers that provide the power to these cavities. It will also have safety utilities to shut-down the amplifiers in microseconds in case a failure is detected.

“We chose Nutaq for MAX IV LLRF because it will allow us to implement in a single FPGA all the digital signal processing involved to control the RF voltage (100 MHz) of two accelerating cavities with enough resolution and bandwidth which is critical for the beam operation of the MAX IV Synchrotron Accelerator ” said Lars Malmgren, Manager RF group.

“This contract came to fruition through our ongoing project with the ALBA Synchrotron in Spain, as MAX IV has decided to select the same solution based on performance reached by Nutaq’s solution at ALBA,” said Francis Letourneau, Vice President of Sales, Nutaq Innovation Inc. “The digitizer solution will also be used at synchrotron facilities like Solaris Synchrotron Center in Poland.”


maxlabThe picture shows the MAX VI facility when it is completed.

MAX IV Laboratory is a Swedish national laboratory providing scientists with X-rays for research. It is presently operating the MAX I-III facilities and building MAX IV, which will be inaugurated June 21st 2016. The Perseus systems will be used for controlling the low level RF in the MAX VI storage rings.