• Proven “prototyping to deployment” model leads to volume production

  • 40% system cost reduction realized through hardware optimization

  • Rapid prototyping environment yields dramatic time to market acceleration

Quebec, QC, Canada, Nov 07, 2014 — Nutaq Innovation Inc. is proud to announce that it has received a repeat purchase order of $250,000 from Sofie Biosciences to deliver PicoDigitizers as part of their G4 PET/X-ray and G8 PET CT.

This order is an evolution of the relationship between Nutaq and Sofie Biosciences. Nutaq’s multichannel digitizing product, which captures and processes the signals from multiple sensors, was first sold as a development system and is now being used as a key component of Sofie’s product line for small animal imaging.

Nutaq's PicoDigitizer & Model-Based Design Workflow Accelerates Design-To-Deployment Cycle

"Our solutions allow medical imaging clients to rapidly transition from development to deployment of flexible, modular FPGA-based multi-channel systems, enabling our goal of helping our customers cost effectively transition using the same hardware," said Francis Letourneau, Vice President of Sales, Nutaq Innovation Inc. "This system dramatically reduces the development cycle with its model-based design approach, while simultaneously decreasing the system costs compared to earlier generations."


About Nutaq Innovation

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About Sofie Biosciences

Sofie is combining new PET imaging agents with innovative imaging and synthesis systems to provide researchers and physicians with tools to better investigate the biology of disease. By empowering a wide array of people with valuable, translational imaging tools, Sofie is making PET scans more accessible and increasing the diversity of its applications. Additional information about Sofie Biosciences is available at sofiebio.com.