Leaders millimeter-wave CMOS and SDRs systems collaborate to enable cutting-edge 5G massive MIMO platforms.   


Milpitas, CA and Quebec City, QC, April 9, 2015 – QEOS, Inc., a leading provider of connectivity and sensing CMOS millimeter-wave solutions and Nutaq, a leader in fast-prototyping platforms for operators and telecom vendors, today announced that they are collaborating to deliver millimeter-wave 5G Massive MIMO test and development systems. The solution will combine the flexibility of Nutaq’s Titan MIMO-X series complete baseband processing engine and the multi-gigabit performance of QEOS QW6032 millimeter wave radio solution.

QW6032 is a multi-gigabit single-chip V-band mmW radio transceiver with integrated ADC/DAC and MODEM or direct analog I/Q access. The solution also features a portfolio of co-designed high-gain integrated antennas that greatly reduce cost and form factor. The QW6032 will act as an element in the scalable Titan-X MIMO system (up to 400 TRX). Such capabilities will accelerate the development of future 5G systems and enable researchers and telecom vendors to rapidly prototype solutions.

Francis Letourneau, VP Sales and Marketing of Nutaq, said “There are many technical issues which need to be resolved on the path to 5G. We have carved a niche for ourselves as the go-to company for 5G testbeds. Our internal R&D team will continue to work with 5G researchers to ensure that they have the systems they need to advance their work.”

He continues; “Since millimeter wave spectrum will be centric to several research programs due to spectrum availability, Nutaq/QEOS solution offers a complete solution to develop, test and validate 5G Innovations. We are convinced that this partnership will benefit the research on 5G objectives”

"We are excited to be working with Nutaq to combine our industry's first CMOS V-Band digital radio with its impressive Titan MIMO system to deliver a complete development solution for 5G Massive MIMO Applications" said QEOS General Manager Ara Chakrabarti. 


About Nutaq

Established in 1983 and headquartered in Quebec, Nutaq Innovation provides operators, wireless equipment vendors and research institutes with a variety of development, testing and validation systems which reduce the time-to-market for new products.

It is helping to fuel next generation wireless standards and innovations, such as software-defined radios (SDR), 5G, HetNet and the IoT. It is also helping innovation in a variety of fields including passive radar and medical imaging for the scientific and defense markets.

For more information visit www.nutaq.com, twitter.com/nutaqinnovation or contact Francis Letourneau via email at francis.letourneau@nutaq.com


About QEOS, Inc.

Headquartered in Milpitas, California, QEOS is a leading provider of low-power connectivity and sensing CMOS millimeter-wave solutions delivered via a portfolio of innovative technologies in wireless and wireline data communications.                                                                        

Contact: Amin Rida, Architect and New Product Development – amin.rida@qeosystems.com