In my previous blog post, I explained part of our plan to improve the user experience of Nutaq’s software tools. In this post, I describe the rest of our plans and look at what we will be working on in 2014.

In 2013, we started to look deeper at the setup process when someone buys one of our platforms. It became apparent that one of our customers’ irritants was the elapsed time between receiving their product and having a fully working environment. As discussed in the previous blog post, part of the solution was to address the installation challenges with helpful videos. But we also put more thought into ways to significantly reduce the time between receiving the product and running the first custom application.

Let’s look at how installations can go wrong. There can be different reasons for this, including user permissions on the PC, network issues, or installations errors. Figure 1 shows the potential issues from a timeline perspective.

Figure 1: Current ADP Software Tools installation process

This is more of a traditional installation process. It works great for simpler products like routers or webcams where a single application is installed from a CD/DVD and works in a stand-alone manner to control a device. Thanks to comments from our customers and the experience of our support team, we realised that this approach is not ideal for us due to the complexity of the software inter-dependencies and their particular needs.

Now, let’s take the same installation process to which we apply the general idea of how we want the process to be handled in the future. You can see how we plan to reduce the time between product reception and development activities. Let’s face it: when you buy a new product and it finally arrives, you want to start using it ASAP or frustrations will quickly build up.

Figure 2: Targeted ADP Software Tools installation process

The idea behind the new installation process is quite simple: make sure our customer has a fully functional software setup before receiving the physical product. Achieving this will take us another big step forwards in terms of user experience. We are starting this new process this week and have high hopes that it will be appreciated and quickly deliver great results.

If you happen to be one of our first customers to be part of this new process, don’t hesitate to let us know what you think about it by leaving a comment below. We always like to hear from you!