Two types of error can occur: When, in the examples, the error is “WARNING: transfer frames lost:”, it means that an RTDEx packet was lost between the FPGA and the host. Make sure the Perseus is connected directly to the host computer (no Ethernet switches external to the chassis). It is also possible that the host computer cannot handle the speed of the transfer from the FPGA. To slow the transfer, set the frame gap to a higher value. For example, #define FRAME_GAP 200000.
When, in the examples, the error is “WARNING: transfer not completed because of a small timeout”, it means that not all the expected packets were received but no packets were lost. The causes for this can be an incorrect configured RTDEx and Record/Playback cores (for example, trying to receive more packets than previously indicated in the RTDExStart function) or it can be a bad connection between the RTDEx and Record/Playback cores in the FPGA. The RTDExReceive function returns the number of bytes received, which can help you find the cause of the problem.