“First of all, thank you very much to all your team. I know very well how difficult the development and delivery of a new system is. For this reason I am very happy to work with Nutaq. I have already worked with different products from your company and I know I can trust the quality of your systems. Being able to supply such quality only means that your team has very good technical expertise and high motivation + commitment for your work. For that, I can only say congratulations.

Besides, I have always received good responses from your team, technical support, commercial support, pre-sales and post-sales. Every time we have had any problem or question Nutaq has helped Maxlab and me. You have also even anticipated many times our future needs before we could even think about that. It is very comfortable to be able to rely on a provider who is always seeking for the best solution for everybody including the needs of their customers, and that is the feeling I have with Nutaq.”

– Angela Salom, ALBA LLRF Engineer, Cells, Spain





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