My name is Piotr Pietrzyk. As a Business Development Manager, I am responsible for Nutaq's business growth in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. I was asked to say a few words about the motivation behind my decision to join Nutaq. In this blog post, I present my background, values, and desires that brought me to the point where I am now, working with a world leader in the supply of digital signal processing (DSP) boards, systems, design services, and OEM products for the wireless, scientific, and defense markets.

Creating the future

There is something magical about working with people who create the future. Consider Alan Kay’s statement, "The best way to predict the future is to invent it." I am blessed to be able to work with people who develop next-generation wireless systems (e.g. cognitive radio and concepts for 5G wireless systems), explore new algorithms for medical imaging, or work on particle accelerators. These are just a few applications where Nutaq's solutions are well-suited.

Philosopher's stone

I have a strong desire to match people’s needs to the value proposition of our products and services. I am passionate about understanding our clients, to put on their shoes, and to advise them of the most suitable solution. My mission is to be an advisor rather then a sales person.

My background

I’m a very lucky person, having been able to work with many different players throughout the high-tech ecosystems. Most of my work has been in the wireless telecommunications sector, leading R&D nanotechnology centers, high performance signal processing, FPGA and DSP providers, and start-ups in post-4G fields. My background lets me understand the different needs and different perspectives of the various high-tech players.

Nutaq's uniqueness

One of the most significant things I noticed from the very beginning of my involvement with Nutaq is how passionate they are about being focused on customers rather than just products. Nutaq's blog is a great example of this. Understanding in detail the end applications of our solutions is a critical factor for the success of both parties.

Consider massive MIMO applications – Nutaq developed FPGA-based, scalable systems (FMC and xTCA-based) while providing the highest channel count integration in the industry, thereby reducing the overall system cost per channel. Additionally, to accelerate FPGA-based processing development, users can design the application without writing any VHDL code through the use of our model-based design approach. The benefits are obvious: shortened development cycles with lower overall system costs. On top of it, our experts recently published a short yet comprehensive tutorial, Massive MIMO – From theory to implementation. This is only a small picture of our philosophy of doing business.

Working together

To start off 2014, let’s wish for fruitful cooperation together!  I will do my best to address your design challenges with accuracy, insight, and enthusiasm.