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Video Transcript:

Hi it's Jean-Benoit Larouche and my purpose of that video today is to
actually unwrap the ZeptoSDR box and see what's inside.

The shipped system will have at first a quick start guide
explaining what's in the box, the I/Os connectors of the ZeptoSDR, but also a quick step by
step five minutes tutorial to make the platform running.

Second piece of documentation; the actual shipping list verified by our SQA team.

The third piece; the actual software. You'll have a CD with all the
documentation and the example code that we provide, but also a user name and
a password for you to downloaded over the internet too.

The fourth piece is the actual ZeptoSDR platform. We will find here
the VGA connector, the HDMI connector, the ethernet port, and all your I/Os
here, and also the power supply connector here.

You'll find a standard FPGA connector, but also you have here the actual
micro USB JTAG connector, depending on which interface
you prefer to work with. A UART Micro USB connector for debugging using
COM serial port. USB on the go connector. And also these actual I/Os are for
add-on card of the Zedboard that you can buy off the shelf and the actual power
supply switch.

If we go at the bottom of the box we will find two white box, which
includes: first an actual CD-rom of ISE design suite 14, with the
appropriate license. Two antennas, two SMA to MMCX cables to
plug to the front panel of the ZeptoSDR which is the connector
of the radio card. You have a USB, to micro USB adapter; mainly for the USB
on the go connector for custom USB device that you would like to plug to
the ARM processor.

The other box includes; first the power supply using American standard plug,
the actual European plug that can be interchange on the power supply.
Internet cable and last one is the actual the USB to micro USB cable,
mainly for actual UART connector for COM serial port communication
between the computer and the ZeptoSDR.

Thanks , that was all for the actual ZeptoSDR box unwrapping and stay
tuned for part two of this video serie on the ZeptoSDR platform.