In one of my previous blog posts

[1], I explained the mission and role of the 5G Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in the telecom ecosystem. In this blog post, I briefly summarize the main European R&D projects working on key 5G techniques, including:

  • New waveform design, like FBMC [2] [3]
  • Massive MIMO [4]
  • Cognitive radio [5]
  • Full-duplex radios [6]
  • HetNets and small cells

5GNOW – 5th Generation Non-Orthogonal Waveforms for Asynchronous Signalling

5GNOW aims to develop new PHY and MAC layer concepts better suited to meet upcoming needs with respect to service variety and heterogeneous transmission setups.

Start date:           2012-09-01

End date:              2015-02-28

Budget:                  2.49M EUR


MAMMOET ­– Massive MiMO for Efficient Transmission

The mission of MAMMOET is to advance the development of Massive MIMO (MaMi), a new and highly promising trend in mobile access. MAMMOET will show the practical limitations of MaMi and develop complete technological solutions leveraging innovative, low-cost hardware that is drastically more efficient and flexible.

Start date:           2014-01-01

End date:              2016-12-31

Budget:                  4.38M EUR


METIS – Mobile and wireless communication Enablers for Twenty-twenty (2020) Information Society

The METIS project is a joint industry-academic consortium with the objective of laying the foundation for a future mobile and wireless communications system for 2020 and beyond.

Start date:           1 November 2012

End date:              30 April 2015

Budget:                  27M EUR


ADEL – Advanced Dynamic spectrum 5G mobile networks Employing Licensed shared access

ADEL aims to explore the potential of licensed shared access (LSA) as a key enabler of 5G mobile broadband networks by developing:

  • Collaborative sensing techniques
  • Dynamic, radio-aware resource allocation
  • Cooperative communication

Start date:           2013-12-01

End date:              2016-11.01

Budget:                  3.69M EUR


MiWaveS – Beyond 2020 Heterogeneous Wireless Network with mmW Small Cells

MiWaveS will demonstrate how low-cost or advanced millimetre-wave (mmW) technologies can provide multi-Gigabits per second access to mobile users and contribute to sustained traffic growth. Spectrum flexibility and the exploitation of the available mmW spectrum will be key strategies to build high-throughput and low-latency infrastructures for next-generation heterogeneous mobile networks.

Start date:           2013-06-01

End date:              2016-05.01

Budget:                  11.34M EUR


As stated on my first blog post about 5G, for R&D people like us, 5G IS the current technology, one that stimulates our intellect on a daily basis. Feel free to drop me an email to discuss potential cooperation on 5G: Moreover, to discuss your ideas and be up-to-date with the latest 5G developments, join the Towards 5G LinkedIn group, a group dedicated to professionals involved in the research of post-4G wireless systems.


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