Since the start of 2014, Piotr has written a series of blog posts on 5G, the next-generation of mobile networks beyond the current 4G set of standards:

Towards 5G – Introduction

In this post Piotr provides an overview of the 5G landscape: its current state, timeline, and major initiatives.

Towards 5G – Business model innovations

In this post Piotr looks the general wireless business trends in the last two or three years. We see a massive increase in data traffic accompanied by falling per-user revenues. Piotr discusses these trends and offers insight into how business models can evolve to meet these challenges.

Towards 5G – Technical innovations: Part 1

In this post, the focus shifts to the technological challenges and directions that might bring us to 5G. Two disruptive technologies are discussed: cognitive radio networks and device-to-device communications (D2D).

Towards 5G – Interesting events in 2014

This post lists all the major 5G events in 2014 as well as the 5G Summit planned for 2015.

Towards 5G – Horizon 2020 5G-Infrastructure-PPP

This post discusses Horizon 2020, the largest-ever European Union (EU) research and innovation program. With nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years (2014 to 2020), it offers researchers and industry the opportunity to define the next generation of telecommunications.

Towards 5G: NTT Docomo’s first trial experiments

This post shows the division of experiments and companies in NTT Docomo’s first 5G experimental trials. Nutaq’s 5G system roadmap is also discussed.

5G research with Nutaq

In this post Piotr lists five major techologies being considered for use in 5G: massive MIMO, mmWave, cognitive radio, new modulation schemes and waveforms, and device-to-device communication. The post also explains how Nutaq wide range of  solutions can assist in the development of these technologies.

Towards 5G – Full duplex communication, is it really possible?

This post discusses full-duplex communication, a way to potentially double the speed of wireless communication, and its implications on 5G system designs.

Towards 5G –European R&D projects: Part 1 / Part 2

These two blog posts describe some of the on-going R&D projects working on key 5G technologies.

Towards 5G LinkedIn group

Piotr is also an active member of the Towards 5G LinkedIn group, a group dedicated to professionals involved in the research of post-4G wireless systems. Join the group to discuss your ideas and be up-to-date on the latest 5G developments.