Nutaq is an innovation-driven company focused in providing solutions for researchers in the wireless communications, defense, aerospace, scientific, and medical fields. At the start of 2014, Nutaq announced its software-defined radio (SDR) contest to support research and innovation at U.S. academic institutions. We wanted to give away a complete development kit with one of our most successful SDR platforms to an innovative research team that would greatly benefit from them. Our goal was to demonstrate Nutaq’s commitment to innovation by providing the contest winner with development tools that greatly accelerate the waveform algorithm development process and substantially reduce development cycles. Academic teams working in SDR and other wireless areas were asked to provide a project proposal that made effective use of our PicoSDR solution.

The prize for the best submitted project consisted of the following complete, ready-to-use, no strings attached development kit:

                             Nutaq 2×2 MIMO PicoSDR with PCIe expansion and MIMO OFDM reference design (QAM-64) Mathworks MATLAB and Simulink, with Signal Processing Toolbox            Xilinx ISE Design Suite System Edition and System Generator for DSP


We made the contest process as easy to follow as possible. The contest required nothing but the submission of a proposal, keeping in mind some simple guidelines:

–       Participants were encouraged to submit an existing, on-going project – they didn’t need to start a new project from scratch.

–       Nutaq would NOT get involved in the project’s execution. The contest was only about submitting the idea for the project’.

Evaluation criteria

Participants were asked to provide a proposal divided in four sections. Nutaq provided a detailed description of the evaluation criteria for each section in order to help each participant submit their best proposal possible.

The four required sections were:

·         Provide a description of your proposed project

·         Describe the essential features of the PicoSDR for your project

·         Describe how you will share the outcome of the project with the scientific community

·         Describe the structure of your research team.

In Part 2 of this blog post series, we will share the prize-winning contest proposal as submitted by the participants from the University of New York at Buffalo!


The contest was aimed at promoting wireless innovation in SDR research and development, and to demonstrate Nutaq’s commitment to supporting the different initiatives of university research teams in the United States. This contest was an extraordinary opportunity for Nutaq to better understand the current and future needs of academic researchers in the MIMO wireless arena. Nutaq aims to provide the best development tools available in the market, always having the researchers’ needs in mind, and of having a solution ready to help prototype waveforms from day one.

Nutaq’s contests are here to stay and we encourage you to be part of next year’s contest. Participation will, as always, be extremely simple and free of time-consuming follow-ups.

Stay tuned and don’t miss reading the winning proposal, submitted by the University of New York at Buffalo, in Part 2 of this blog series.