About me

My name is Jose Quintero. As Inside Sales at Nutaq, my responsibility is to back up the sales department on whatever task is urgently needed. From coordinating logistics for Nutaq’s software-defined radio (SDR) contest to responding to client inquiries when our technical sales members are travelling, I help keep the sales team focused on our most important goal and mission: listening and answering to our customers’ very specific development needs. Our commitment to improvement and quality requires someone to carry out plenty of small but urgent tasks. That’s why I’m here.

I’m a full-time engineering student at Université Laval and a Nutaq believer, worker and helper. While attending university I work part-time and during the summers I’m fortunate to be full-time.

Before my arrival at Nutaq I worked part-time in sales at a renowned Canadian sports store. My discipline and hard work led me to receive a sales performance scholarship. I loved my job but was looking for an internship in my field of study. During a university job fair, I saw Nutaq’s booth. It looked interesting and I headed right to it without hesitation. I saw many antennas, a small, beautiful white box, and HD video streaming. Wanting to know what was going on, I spoke with François Langlais, a seasoned Nutaq project manager, and Marie-Pierre Caron-Morin, Nutaq’s HR director. I was instantly amazed with their demonstration: the latest hi-tech SDR that looked so easy to use! It was a ZeptoSDR streaming live video. I was invited to attend their conference where some of Nutaq’s R&D members would discuss the company, their projects, and their development tools. Although I was very busy and overwhelmed with schoolwork, I decided to attend it. What a good decision…

The conference

I arrived 15 minutes early and the conference room was already full of students trying to get a good place. About 60 to 70 electrical, software, and computer engineering students as well as some engineering Physics peers had come to see the opportunities available from this very unique company.

Prior to this, I had lost interest in most university-industry conferences. I’m sure, from what I’ve seen, I’m not the only one. Few companies have the technological appeal to interest so many students from so many diverse fields. Nutaq, however, was able to attract a large, diverse group and exceeded everyone’s expectations.

What less would you expect from Nutaq? Software-defined radio, model-based design, MIMO, radar, sonar, spectrum sensing – these were the reasons the conference room was so overcrowded! Ten minutes into the start of the conference there were no empty seats. This was the first time I had seen so many students attend a conference. I have to admit I saw a lot of competition to get an opportunity at Nutaq; many of my peers wanted (and still want) to work there as there is nothing more exciting that inventing tools to develop new wireless technologies.

The presentation was followed by a questions session where we could interact with the Nutaq team. Ahmed, Nutaq’s RF expert, as well as Marie-Pierre and the project development team demonstrated some of Nutaq’s hardware and development platforms and answered our questions. It was a great experience and time well-spent.

The opportunity

I was offered a job as an inside sales representative and of course I gladly accepted the challenge. I support the sales team with many different and diverse tasks, all important for the continuous growth of the company. I have the wonderful opportunity to navigate around the different departments, learning about interesting and cutting-edge projects for the defense, wireless, and scientific markets that will change this world.

I dare to say that my inside sales position is the perfect engineering student job, one with challenges, problems, diverse tasks, much to read, endless opportunities, and connections to establish. This is place for go-getters and I’m glad to be part of it.

The never-ending learning process

Working at Nutaq is like a full-body workout for the brain, everyday. You’re always thinking, figuring out solutions, and putting them on the table. In a cutting-edge technological company like Nutaq, there is no pause or time to waste. I once read some managerial advice in LinkedIn, “Don’t hire someone who is good at finding problems, hire some who can fix them.” I arrived at Nutaq with this philosophy and I will stick to it. I’ll always try to give Nutaq my best so our customers can get the b.