Video Transcript:

Hi. My name is Mathieu, technical support engineer at Nutaq, here to show
you how to install ADP Micro TCA for Windows 7.

You can find the ADP installer on our website at To reach the
installer, first click on the software tab, then on the latest Micro TCA
Edition. You’ll be presented a short release note and then the different
documentations that you must read before proceeding to your installation,
and the download button.

You’ll then be prompted to enter some information like your name, your
email address, your country and company. You are now on the download page.
Just click on the download button for ADP 6.4 for Windows 7.

The other easy way to reach the installer is by launching your install CD
provided with your Nutaq product. Once again, you’ll have access to all
documentation you’ll need to guide you during the installation.

Click on launch installation wizard for Windows 7. Agree, for the two
license agreements. Enter your name, your company name, and your software
license number, then click next. Choose online, if your PC has a direct
access to the internet. The installer tells you that this license will be
associated with your PC.

Confirm that all the packages you bought are present. Then, click next. The
installer will confirm that you have correctly installed all the 3rd party
software required. This is important. If the statuses are not all passes,
please refer to your installation guide.

Choose your installation path or leave it as default. And click next. ADP
is installing on your system and will configure MatLab shortly afterwards.

The installation is done. Click finish. You will now validate your
installation with MatLab. Open MatLab. Verify that you have the switch to
Micro TCA Edition 6.4.0 button and click on it.

Open the demo window by clicking on the link. At the end of the list on
your left, you should find other demos where lies all the Nutaq MDBK
demos. This was Mathieu, technical support engineer at Nutaq, to show you
how to install ADP Micro TCA for Windows 7. Thank you.