Yves Godin received a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Université Laval in Quebec, Canada, in 1997. A member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec, Yves joined Nutaq in 1998 as a DSP programmer and developed extensive expertise in digital signal processing, telecommunications, and embedded systems.

As an intern, Yves developed a signal processing board (SignalMaster) interface to MATLAB and Ptolemy. The LYRtech Signal Processing (LSP) of the SignalMaster was a turnkey project. His work gave birth to Nutaq’s product line of rapid prototyping platforms, now known as Advanced Development Platforms (ADP). During these years, he also worked on many different projects related to VoIP and audio. He developed algorithms and optimized the development stack for a H.323/RTC vocoder. His audio projects included an encrypted MP3 jukebox, professional audio development platforms, a new-generation Dolby encoder, and SoundFont libraries.

Yves has also worked with processors from Hitachi, Motorola, Analog Devices, StarCore, and Freescale. Mainly, however, he uses DSPs from Texas Instrument: TMS320C2xx, TMS320C54x, TMS320C62x, TMS32067x, OMAPs, DaVinci (DM644x, DM355), and the Keystone TMS320TCI6614.

Yves has developed many processor-FPGA interfaces and has worked with the Spartan-3A DSP from Xilinx.

More recently, in the last seven years, he participated in the development of a wide range of applications and platforms related to the GSM standard. He has worked on interception applications, jammers, and multiple generations of base stations. All those projects gave birth to NuRAN Wireless, an organization dedicated to mobile and wireless systems. Yves professional background demonstrates his wide range of expertise and deep understanding of signal processing. From anti-personal mine detection to Ethernet file servers to software-define radio development platforms, Yves is a high-performance engineer. No project scares him!

What are Yves’s main strengths?

We can’t really say if Yves is a generalist or specialist engineer. In fact, he masters system requirements while being able to debug very specific and leading-edge technologies. He is one of the most multi-disciplinary, signal processing specialists in Nutaq’s team. Always dedicated, Yves wants to break new technological barriers. He hates routine and is always looking to be challenged by new technologies, industries, and algorithms.

How he adds value as a Technical Leader in our team?

As an Embedded Software Technical Leader, Yves leverages his technical expertise, guiding the work of the software development team to produce high quality results in a timely manner. Yves is a model for a new generation of engineers and provides valuable coaching and mentoring to the junior staff.

Nutaq is proud to count on Yves as its Embedded Software Technical Leader.