Julien Roy received a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from Université Laval, Quebec, in 2011. In 2013, he went on to receive a masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Université Laval. His thesis was on signal processing and FPGA development for a real-time processing acquisition system. Julien joined Nutaq in 2012 as an FPGA and embedded software developer, a role directly aligned with his academic background.

Julien is interested in all aspects of FPGA development. From hardware interfaces to low-level application programming interfaces (APIs), Julien provides user-friendly interfaces for the board and FPGA mezzanine card (FMC) peripherals. FPGAs are often seen as complex and hard to understand, so Julien works hard to improve the customer’s experience. He believes that when developing an FPGA, there is no such thing as the best generic solution – it always depends on the system requirements. There are always compromises between algorithm precision, latency, power usage, and the utilization of the various types of FPGA resources. This is why he finds FPGA development so exciting.

Julien mainly works on developing FPGA cores for interfacing carrier peripherals and FMCs, developing embedded applications for MicroBlaze and ARM processors, and host application APIs for communicating with FPGA carriers. He develops firmware and software for the bring-up of custom FPGA carrier boards. He also develops the board-support packages for these carrier boards to ensure customers can be up and running as soon as possible, letting them focus on their application rather than the hardware. Julien participated to the development of the MI125, MI250, ADAC250, LVDX xIn xOut, Radio420, ADC5000, Perseus601x, Perseus611x, ZeptoSDR, MO1000, GNU Radio, and reference designs for the ML605, VC707 and Zedboard. All these tasks have helped him to develop a high-level view of all tools needed to facilitate migration from a purely software algorithm to a real-time algorithm implementation accelerated by an FPGA board.

What are Julien’s main strengths?

Julien is a team player. His goal is always to improve the quality of the product. He is motivated by the challenges that are inherent in complex electronics systems. Not only does he have a high-level view on many of Nutaq’s products, but he also has a high-level view on the different parts of Nutaq’s team. He can easily work with technical support team to help a customer, collaborate with the sales team to better understand a customer’s needs, or work with a system manager to find the best solutions for firmware or software.

Why did we choose Nutaq?

Julien chose Nutaq because of its cutting-edge technologies in the field of acquisition and the generation of analog signals with its high-density, small form factor cards. According with Julien, Nutaq doesn’t just provide the hardware, it provides a solution to system development. It covers FPGA bitstream generation (in its Model-Based Design Kit, MBDK) to real-time data exchange in high-level programming environments (like GNU Radio). Julien likes to work at a company that is involved in developing hardware for the telecommunications industry and that pushes the limits to support the processing-intensive applications required for next-generation mobile networks (5G). Nutaq’s team is comprised of passionate and devoted people that are committed to the satisfaction of customers. Julien’s personality is directly aligned with this philosophy.

Nutaq is proud to count on Julien as an FPGA and software developer.