Jean-Benoit received a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Sherbrooke University, Quebec, in 2008. In 2013, he went on to receive masters in radiocommunications from Laval University.

Jean-Benoit first joined Nutaq in April 2009 as a Field Application Engineer (FAE). His main tasks were training and supporting the overseas clients/distributors on the Nutaq product line. In 2011, he introduced a partnership between Laval University and Nutaq regarding the development of the OFDM reference design, as his Master degree project. He worked in continuous collaboration with Nutaq during that time.

Since August 2013, Jean-Benoit is back with Nutaq as an FAE. The main technical interests of Jean-Benoit are related to RF and digital signal processing. He enjoys working on physical layer technologies and algorithms, software defined radios, phased arrays, beamforming, MIMO technologies and radio communications in general. Basically, anything that has an antenna.

Since 2008, Jean-Benoit strives to constantly improve his expertise in OFDM, digital signal processing, FPGA programming through System Generator, GNU Radio, MIMO and RF. Because he works closely with clients and custumers and because of his academic background in radio communications, Jean-Benoit’s knowledge helps to understand client’s need regarding wireless, digital signal processing and RF applications. His key expertise in Nutaq team is regarding pre-sale and post-sale to ensure a high quality customer experience. Also, Jean-Benoit’s experience permits him to share his knowledge through blogs, conferences and webinars.

What are Jean-Benoit’s main strengths?

Jean-Benoit has to do something that not a lot of engineers have to do: be in continuous contact with customers to develop and explain applications that are related to Nutaq’s product line. Through this role, Jean-Benoit has to develop simultaneously two different kinds of skills: cutting-edge knowledge in telecommunication and customer service abilities. His dual role is crucial to Nutaq’s team which wants to develop systems that are directly aligned with clients needs for application in wireless, aerospace, medical, military, and scientific fields.

Why did he choose Nutaq?

Jean-Benoit chose Nutaq because the company is on the edge of wireless/digital signal processing technologies. His daily goal is to provide tools for clients to develop the technologies of tomorrow. Since Jean-Benoit completed his studies, it enables him to keep himself up to date with upcoming technologies. Nutaq is proud to count on Jean-Benoit as its Field Application Engineer.