Real-time wireless spectrum analysis is commonly used in the following areas:

  • Defense: SIGINT (signal intelligence) or EW (electronic warfare)
  • Industrial: Automated test equipment

In all cases, the end goal is to process all incoming data in real-time and make educated decisions as fast as possible. The challenge comes with using standard PC-based software tools wich struggle to with the real-time analysis of wide bandwidth signals (exceeding 20 MHz).

The Nutaq Wideband Digitizer resolves this bottleneck with the inclusion of a large Virtex-6 FPGA processor upstream, reducing the PC load and allowing standard software to be used.

Additionally, while leveraging the flexibility of the powerful upstream FPGA processor, users have the capacity to design the FPGA processing application without writing any VHDL code through the use of our model-based design approach.

Benefits: An accelerated, simplified development cycle which allows immediate implementation of FPGA algorithms.