MIMO radar can present dramatic improvements in direction finding accuracy when compared with traditional single antenna communication systems.

This is achieved through using arrays of transmit and receive antennas, along with multiple waveform generation capabilities, designed to take advantage of target scintillations. Unlike traditional radar systems these scintillations actually improve the radar performance, namely increasing the direction finding accuracy.

Leveraging this advance MIMO technology while maintaining system costs is a distinct challenge. To facilitate development and deployment of next generation MIMO radar systems, Nutaq has developed FPGA-based phase coherent DAQ systems which are easily scalable (FMC and xTCA-based) thus providing the highest channel count integration in the industry while simultaneously reducing the system cost per channel.

Additionally, to accelerate MIMO radar FPGA-based processing development, users have the capacity to design the FPGA processing application without writing any VHDL code through the use of our model-based design approach.

Benefits: A reduced development cycle and lower system cost for high performance MIMO radar solutions.