Software Defined Radio


Evolving software defined radio solutions must meet some critical requirements for next generation communication systems, including:

  • Interoperability between different communication systems.
  • Reducing maintenance cost (bug fixes) and re-use of IP (software).
  • Easy upgradability of existing systems with new functionality.
  • Dynamic switching between low latency, high bandwidth protocols.


Meet the challenges of SDR while shortening the development time and number of hardware cycles using Nutaq's FPGA-based SDR systems, comprised of AMC & FMC cards. Develop algorithms and test waveforms in a rapid prototyping environment incorporating both model-based design and GNU Radio.

Available Features

  • Unrestricted bandwidth
  • Agile auto-calibrated SISO & MIMO radios
  • Multiple waveforms boot mode
  • Standard scalability (AMC/FMC)
  • Extensive FPGA fabric
  • Embedded stand-alone mode
  • GNU Radio support
  • Model-based design tools support.
  • QAM64 MIMO OFDM reference design



MIMO Enabled, (0.3 - 3.8 GHz) Virtex-6 Based SDR Solution Supporting GNU Radio


ZeptoSDR is a low power SDR development platform, designed for portable waveform design, based on Zedboard and Nutaq's Radio420S (0.3 - 3.8 GHz)

OFDM Reference Design

FPGA-based, SISO/MIMO OFDM PHY Transceiver


SISO/MIMO FMC RF Transceiver Module

PicoDigitizer 250-Series

High speed, FPGA based ADC-DAC processor.


Dual 250 MSPS A/D and dual 1 GSPS D/A FMC module

Perseus 601X

Virtex-6 AMC with HPC FMC site

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